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Principal Nathan Schar
641 Norseman Dr.
Modesto, CA 95357
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Digital Arts & Technology Advancement (DATA) pathway


DATA Pathway

This video was designed to show some of the elements of the pathway, as well as feature some of our favorite student projects.


Modesto Bee Amplified

Johansen's DATA pathway was featured in 2017 in the Modesto Bee, and at the Bee Amplified! event, which “celebrates those who innovate, who educate, and who truly make a difference”.


About the Pathway

We offer students a dynamic pathway of UC A-G approved courses that apply learning to student's interests as they prepare for careers in technology.

Our pathway includes two branches (or sub-pathways) of study:

Digital Media Broadcasting: Where students train for a career in digital audio production, video production, and broadcasting.

Digital Media Arts & Game Arts: Where students train for a career in the digital arts, video game development, computer programming, digital audio production, and computer science.

The DATA pathway includes courses in 3D Graphics & Animation, Adv. 3D Graphics & Animation, Programming & Game Design, Intermediate Game Design, Adv. Game Design, Computer Programming, Digital Audio Production, Studio Recording, Video Arts & Production, BroadcastingAdvanced Broadcasting, and Web Design.

For our recommended four-year DATA student plan, please click here.

About the Pathway

Digital Media Broadcasting

  • Learn cutting edge cinema vfx techniques to create and composite photorealistic 3D graphics, animation, and effects
  • Create videos with your friends as you learn every aspect of video production including screenwriting, directing talent, software and techniques, linear and non-linear editing, video camera techniques, television production, studio based and field production, and digital storytelling
  • Learn how to record, alter, and produce all manner of digital audio
  • Learn the art of prerecorded and live broadcasting in our beautiful state-of-the-art broadcasting studio
  • Learn to create professional commercials, interviews, and other prerecorded broadcast productions
  • Create the VikingTV news broadcasts and supporting content shown throughout the school (click here to view some of the broadcasts)
  • Work on professional video production projects to create a professional portfolio of work

Digital Media Broadcasting

Digital Media Arts and Game Arts

  • Learn cutting edge techniques to create realistic low-poly 3D graphics, characters, animations, and effects for use in next-gen console games
  • Learn the same software and techniques Disney, Pixar, and your favorite game studios use to create beautifully rendered 3D animation
  • Learn foundational programming concepts and object-oriented programming by applying them to game design and robotics
  • Learn how to create video games for Windows PC, iOS, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Virtual Reality
  • Study digital motion capture techniques in our cutting-edge motion capture studio
  • Learn to develop software for computers and handheld devices
  • Learn to record, alter, and produce all manner of digital audio
  • Learn and apply physics, mathematics, programming and art to the creation of dynamic simulations and environments
  • Work with a team of your peers as your captstone to apply what you learn throughout the pathway to create your own game

Digital Media Arts & Game Arts

Pathway Highlights

  • We have the most comprehensive high school technology learning program in the area
  • Learn how to use cutting edge industry-standard software like 3D Studio Max, Maya, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, FL Studio, Audition, Cutting Edge Game Engines and Tools, and Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Submit your work digitally
  • Smaller class sizes and student to teacher ratio
  • Combine core classes with elective classes
  • Graduate high school more prepared for the job market
  • Flexible schedule allows students to take additional A-G courses and AP classes
  • Gain up to 15 units of transferrable MJC college credit through our articulation agreements
  • Meet UC A-G requirements
  • Have fun working in groups with friends
  • Great student support

Pathway Highlights

Career Preparation:

Digital Art:

2D Character Artist, 3D Modeler, Advertising Designer, Animator, Character Artist, Character Rigger, Cinematic Designer, Concept Artist, Environment Artist, Game Designer, Gameplay Animator, Level/Environment Designer, Level Lighting Artist, Simulation Artist, Technical Animator, Technical Artist, Texture Artist, UI Artist, Visual Effects Artist


AI Programmer, Animation Programmer, Audio Programmer, Cinematics Programmer, Client Systems Programmer, Data Engineer, Engine Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Generalist Programmer, Graphics Programmer, Mobile Programmer, Multiplayer Programmer, Physics Programmer, R&D Programmer, Rendering Programmer, Server Programmer, Tools Programmer, UI Programmer


Acoustic Consultant, Audio Engineer for Videos or Games, Actor, Broadcast Anchor, Broadcast Journalist, Broadcast Technician, Digital Audio Editor, Digital Remastering Engineer, Director, Film/Video Editor, Live Concert Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Producer, Narrative Designer, Production Assistant, Production Manager, Radio Broadcasting, Recording Engineer, Recording Equipment Sales Rep., Recording Studio Assistant, Sound Engineer, Sound Technician, Studio Engineer, Stage Hand, Studio Designer, Studio Manager/Owner, Studio Technician/Maintenance, Systems Designer, Talent Manager, Technical Director, Technical Writer, Video Producer, Web Designer



DATA UC A-G Credit:


This program helps prepare students for the following industry recognized certifications: Autodesk Certified User, Autodesk Certified Professional, Adobe Certified Associate, Adobe Certified Expert



Click here to download a flyer about the program.

Click here to download a brochure about the program.




DATA pathway students have an opportunity to receive up to 15 units of transferrable early college credit through Modesto Junior College at no cost for completing articulated pathway courses with a “B” or higher grade.

Fun Activities

DATA students have an opportunity to take part in fun monthly activities after school to help build strong friendships. DATA activities include LaserQuest, Funworks, Boomers, The Gaming Hub, Rockin’ Jump, KeyQuest, Potlucks, and Pool Parties. DATA students can also join the Technology and Game Club, where they have an opportunity to take part in weekly gaming tournaments. DATA juniors and seniors also have an opportunity to attend yearly trips to colleges and universities that offer program related majors.

DATA Activities

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have and maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.


For more information or questions about becoming part of the DATA pathway, please contact:

Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell
[email protected]
(209) 574-1760