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Principal Nathan Schar
641 Norseman Dr.
Modesto, CA 95357
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA) pathway


The Pathway Model

The pathway model is very similar to the Partnership Academy Model. The model is a four-year program, grades 9-12, structured as a school-within-a-school. The pathway incorporates many features of the high school reform movement that includes creating a close family-like atmosphere, integrating academic and career technical education, and establishing viable business partnerships. Emphasis is also placed on student achievement and positive post secondary outcomes. Pathways, like academies, have been carefully evaluated and shown to have positive impacts on school performance. Key components of the pathway model are:

  • Curriculum focused on a career theme and coordinated with related academic classes;
  • A voluntary student selection process that identifies interested eighth graders;
  • A team of teachers who work together to plan and implement the program;
  • A variety of motivational activities with private sector involvement to encourage academic and occupational preparation such as a mentor and internship program, enhanced curriculum, classroom speakers, field trips, and post secondary options.
  • Students can take college prep, pre-advanced placement, or advanced placement courses.


The arts are alive and well at Johansen. Students now have the opportunity to join Johansen's dynamic VAPA Pathway and have access to award winning programs in all disciplines of the visual and performing arts including: Art, AP Music Theory, AP Studio Art, Band, Beginning and Advanced Ceramics, Beginning and Intermediate Choirs, Commercial and Graphic Art, Beginning and Advanced Drama, Guitar, Jazz Band, Marching Band & Color Guard, Orchestra, Photography, Piano, and Viking Singers - a select, advanced vocal ensemble. Students in VAPA are able to take the most rigorous course of academic classes combined with four years in the arts meeting graduation and college acceptance requirements all while thriving in an environment that inspires critical thinking, problem solving, team work and creativity. Students work is continually shown, evaluated and praised community events throughout the school year allowing for real world experience that is highly valued in the academic world as well as the work place.


Brad Hart – Instrumental Music
Jennifer Perier – Vocal Music
Rhonda Oliver – Dramatic Arts

More Information

Instrumental Music


For more information or questions about becoming part of this program, please contact:

Brad Hart

Brad Hart
Instrumental Music
[email protected]
(209) 574-1760