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Principal Nathan Schar
641 Norseman Dr.
Modesto, CA 95357
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Advanced Placement

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Ready to be part of the AP team? Click here to fill out a program enrollment form. If you meet program eligibility requirements, someone should get back to you within two business days with everything you need.


The Advanced Placement program is sponsored by the College Board, a non-profit membership association. AP offers college level courses and exams for highly motivated students in secondary schools. Its reputation for excellence results from the close cooperation among secondary schools, colleges, and the College Board. More than 2,900 universities and colleges worldwide grant credit, advanced placement, or both to students who have performed satisfactorily on the exams, and 1,400 institutions grant sophomore standing to students who meet their requirements. For more information about the AP program in general, click here.

Johansen's AP Offerings

  • Pre-AP Biology - Sue Gleaves
  • Pre-AP Chemistry - Courtney Mesrobian
  • Pre-AP English 3 (10th Grade) - Amber Youngman
  • Pre-AP English 1 (9th Grade) - Anne Veneman
  • Pre-AP Secondary Math I - Erin Paris
  • Pre-AP Secondary Math II - Anne Whiteside
  • Pre-AP Secondary Math III - Elibet Ambrocio
  • Pre-AP Pre-Calculus - Elibet Ambrocio
  • Pre-AP Physics - Megan Hall
  • AP Biology - Sue Gleaves
  • AP Calculus - Elibet Ambrocio
  • AP Chemistry - Courtney Mesrobian
  • AP Euro History - Ann Amador
  • AP Government/Econ - Dave Muncrief
  • AP Human Geography - Jennie Sweeney
  • AP Language (11th Grade) - Nicole Evans
  • AP Literature (12th Grade) - Julie Gwynn
  • AP Statistics - Anne Whiteside
  • AP US History - Ann Amador
  • AP Psychology - Ryan White