Ed Tech Breaking News 2022-23

Bits and Bytes eNewsletter for August 2022

August Welcome Back to School 2022-23 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter featuring:

MCS Ed Tech Team; ParentSquare; PBIS Rewards; PowerTeacher Pro and Schoology Beginning of Year Setups; Schoology Elementary Experience; Schoology Updates; PowerSchool Updates; Performance Matters Updates; New Technology in the Classroom; ISTA for 7-12 Students; NetRef; MCS App Portal Quick Cards for TK-2; Help Desk Portal, PD Catalog, and Join this years MCS Ed Tech Explorers Program!


2021-22 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter Editions

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September Bits and Bytes

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2020-21 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter Editions

april bits & bytes

4/19 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter April Edition

  • WeVideo Introduction - New District License for K-12 Teachers & Students

  • New Help Desk Portal with Live Chat!

  • MFT The Secure Way to Send and Receive Files

  • Chrome Sync for easy transfer of Chrome bookmarks to a new device

  • Schoology Calendar / Gradebook Tips

  • Teams Breakout Rooms Tips How-to Manage Rooms

  • Learn to Split Screens on Windows and Chromebooks

  • How Did They Do That Live: April 20 - Student Research Resources

  • April - May EdTech Training in PD Catalog

  • PowerSchool PowerTeacher Pro Updates

  • #AskATechCoach Kami Heroes

march bits & bytes

3/15 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter March Edition

  • Hybrid Distance Learning Resource Website

  • Virtual Field Trips! Join us for How Did They Do That Live on March 16th

  • SEL Social-Emotional Learning Website Update

  • March Ed Tech PD 0.5% Incentive Opportunities

  • Microsoft Teams Changing Your Notification Settings

  • Kahoot Update! Use it now in Distance Learning

  • Computer Science in our Schools

  • #AskATechCoach Flipgrid Madness

  • EdTech Resource Tour Videos

february bits & bytes

2/2 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter February Edition

  • SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) Resource Website

  • HDTDT Live on Feb 10 - SEL in the Classroom Showcase

  • Ed Tech PD for February

  • NetRef Self-Paced Course and New Features

  • NEW Teams Breakout Rooms and Updated Features

  • Educator Pro License for Loom and Canva

  • #AskATechCoach Presenter Coach in PowerPoint with Flipgrid

december bits & bytes

12/15 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter December Edition

  • TechOrders Request New Apps

  • Ed Tech PD Training for January

  • How Did They Do That Live: Student Projects Showcase - Wed Dec 16 at 3:15pm-4:15pm

  • Schoology Course Setup Ideas

  • Schoology for 7-12 Grades: Semester 1 and Semester 2 Transition

  • Schoology Sync Tips

  • New Teams Features including Breakout Rooms!

  • Get Teams Updates

  • Lockdown Browser on Chromebook

  • Classroom Tech Setup Guide and How-To Video Using Classroom TV and Multiple Monitors

november bits & bytes

11/17 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter November Edition

  • Hybrid Hub Series Videos and Schoology Distance Learning Group Hybrid Hub Resource Folder

  • How Did They Do That Live: Coding Across the Curriculums on Thur Nov 19 at 3:15pm-4:15pm, Counts toward 0.5%

  • PD Catalog Ed Tech Trainings for Nov 23 - Dec 23, Counts toward 0.5% with Early and Late Start Times

  • Schoology How to Create Grading Groups and Individually Assign

  • TK-2 Student Login Chromebook and Quick Card QR Codes for MCS App Portal

  • Reminder Student Device Updates

  • #AskATechCoach: Hybrid Hub Model Episode

october bits & bytes

10/13 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter October Edition

  • New Teams Features: Hard Mute and Spotlight

  • Teams Closed Captioning with PowerPoint

  • 1:1 in Teams: Teachers with Parents

  • Ed Tech PD 0.5% Training for Oct 19 - Nov 21

  • MCS Tech Status Page

  • HDTDTL - Oct 21st for Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety Awareness Month Showcase for K-6 and 7-12

  • Edpuzzle with Schoology

  • Schoology Workload Planning

  • MCS App Portal Backpack Feature for Teachers

  • NetRef - Best Practices and Contest

  • Kami Update - Stickers

updates bits & bytes

9/15 Updates to Our Tools Bits and Bytes eNewsletter Edition

  • Ed Tech PD for Sept 21 - Oct 15

  • How Did They Do That Live: Distance Learning Best Practices

  • Schoology Tips: Grade Sync with PTP, Where Your Posts Go, and How to See Student Re-submissions

  • Introducing the All-New Flipgrid

  • Loom Screencast

  • OneNote Class Notebook

  • OneNote Breakout Templates

bits & bytes special edition

8/17 Breaking News Call Center Help Bits and Bytes eNewsletter Edition

  • Creating a consistent placement and labeling of the Class Video Meeting in your Schoology Course

  • Sharing with your students the keyboard shortcut for their microphone to mute/unmute

  • Practicing the Instructional Model of "I Do" modeling how to use the technology tools in your Course

  • Developing Class Agreements with your students for your classroom management practice with Distance Learning

  • Daily Student Device Shutdown to get Updates

back to school edition bits & bytes

8/3 Back to School NEW Ed Tech Tools Bits and Bytes eNewsletter Edition

  • MCS App Portal - for Single Sign-On

  • Parent and Student Access Letters

  • Smart Start Ed Tech - Lesson Plans

  • Microsoft Teams - video conferencing for Students and Teachers in Schoology

  • Go School Messenger - Text Message Communication with Students and Parents

  • NetRef - Replacement to LanSchool

  • Schoology Setup for Back to School

  • Internet Safety Tutorial & Agreement (ISTA)

  • New Student & Parent Tech Help Center Website

  • Chromebook Student Device - Training Resources

  • Ed Tech Support and Training Resources

Ed Tech Help Center Websites

Ed Tech Video YouTube Channel https://www.mcs4kids.com/edtechvideos

Teacher and Staff Tech Help Center Website https://www.mcs4kids.com/edtech

Parent Tech Help Center Website https://www.mcs4kids.com/parents

Student Tech Help Center Website https://www.mcs4kids.com/students

New Hire Tech Training Website https://www.mcs4kids.com/newhiretech

Hybrid Distance Learning Resource Website https://www.mcs4kids.com/hybrid

SEL Resource Website https://www.mcs4kids.com/sel